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1-1 ONLINE COACHING FROM £130 per month 

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With our personalised 1-1 online coaching, starting from just £130 per month, we provide the guidance and support you need!

Matthew Keegan

Founder and Proprietor of MK Coaching

A seasoned professional strongman boasting a decade of expertise, marked by a remarkable track record of multiple world records, numerous titles in Ireland and Britain, and a consistent presence on international podiums across the global competitive arena.

MK Coaching has played a pivotal role in guiding countless athletes from around the globe to attain prestigious titles, set records, and accomplish various remarkable milestones in their careers.


A fitness package tailored to those who relish the thrill of weightlifting and aspire to improve their overall well-being!

This comprehensive package encompasses everything essential for achieving remarkable advancements in your gym journey, both in terms of lifting prowess and your overall health and fitness. It's ideally suited for individuals who have a passion for training, increasing their strength, and enhancing their physical condition, all without any immediate plans for competitive endeavours.

This service is a superb choice for newcomers, novices in weightlifting, and individuals who frequent the gym in their daily routines.


What's included?

  • Bespoke training and nutritional plan

  • Fortnightly check-in with a coach 

  • Video feedback on the lifting technique 

  • WhatsApp contact for regular feedback and support from your coach 

  • Multiple payment options

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