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Get ready to elevate your training with
MK Strength & Fitness eBooks and Videos!

At MK Strength & Fitness, under the guidance of Matt, the esteemed founder of MK Coaching and a celebrated figure in the strongman arena, we offer an essential resource for aspiring deadlifters. Our eBooks are perfect for those not yet ready for full-time coaching but eager to explore the world of strength training.


Matt's extensive experience, marked by over a decade in the field, numerous world records, and prestigious titles in Ireland and Britain, ensures that these eBooks are not just a guide, but a treasure trove of professional expertise.


The MK Coaching eBooks stand as a hallmark of one of the most recognised coaching brands in the strongman scene. These resources have played a crucial role in guiding athletes to achieve extraordinary success, setting new records and attaining prestigious titles.


By downloading our eBooks, you’re stepping into a realm of excellence, backed by world-class coaching. Our dedicated customer support team is always on hand to assist, bringing you closer to your deadlifting goals with the wisdom and experience of a seasoned strongman coach.

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